Ethos and Values

By stimulating a love of learning, we nurture academic, creative, physical and scientific talents and interest.   We aim to ensure all children are literate, numerate and proficient in the use of computer technology, in readiness for their next stage in life.

To this end, we teach them to respect themselves, each other, the planet and faiths and cultures different to their own. We encourage a “growth mind set”,  an understanding that  with hard work, a gritty attitude towards their learning and a belief that we learn from our mistakes -  they will be successful.   We teach them to be responsible for their own learning and an awareness of the qualities needed to flourish as global citizens.  We believe in developing their own self control  to become hard working, independent, and organised learners.

Our school community is ambitious to harness our children’s talents for the benefit of both themselves and the world in which they live.

Wendy Fox  (Headteacher)

Our school community  develops reflective, open-minded, principled, creative, inquisitive, hard-working and adventurous learners who have the transferable skills and knowledge to proceed confidently to their next stage of education and ambitious to harness their talents for the benefit both of themselves and the world in which they live.

School community: we believe strongly that the teachers, parents, pupils and governors should work side-by-side in the pursuit of our goals. We strive to forge strong links with the local community.

Reflective: able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses as learners and to take appropriate  action, which results from the use of metacognition in our teaching and learning practice.

Open-minded: able to understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal histories, while also being open to and respectful of, the values, traditions and perspectives of other individuals and communities.

Ambitious: willing to challenge themselves to achieve the best possible results.

Principled: we promote integrity and honesty and a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for others; our students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences which result from them.

Creative: willing to demonstrate originality through lateral, imaginative and divergent thinking, both in their academic work and their engagement in the arts.

Inquisitive: our students are curious, and skilled enough to conduct independent research, while developing a love of learning which will be life-long.

Hard-working: our students realise the benefits of hard work and perseverance, which ultimately bring the highest rewards. We promote the mind-set that with hard work and persistence most things are possible.

Adventurous: our students are encouraged to think for themselves, understand the consequences of risk taking and realise the benefits of fertile error.

Skills and knowledge: Our students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to proceed confidently to the next stage of learning: literate, numerate, proficient in the use of computer technology, and able to express themselves clearly, both orally and in writing;

Our students understand the importance of physical and emotional health: we promote healthy eating, encourage exercise and personal and social development.

We promote awareness of global issues, namely the social, political and environmental challenges which face humanity.