How can I help my child?

There are many ways in which you can support your child in their learning whilst at home. Please log on to our learning portal using the orange button at the top of this page and explore our class pages. We also use a class working wall to store lots of important information and learning prompts so please come and look! 

It is very important to help your child develop their reading skills by reading on a regular basis. Reading is more than just being able to decode the words on the page. It is about gaining meaning from texts. We teach the children to understand by talking about their learning. Here are some ideas for discussions at home: 

  • Predicting what might happen next, reading on and discussing. 
  • Exploring actions and consequences. Exploring the link through discussion. 
  • Exploring character emotions - why has a character behaved in that way? 
  • Looking at what is implied. For example, what conclusions can you draw from "Sam arrived at school with a huge grin on her face. She wore a Santa hat and was holding a brightly coloured box"

There will be many opportunities for you to encourage your children to write. Please encourage children to create shopping lists, mini books, labelled pictures and designs, cards, instructions, posters, stories and reports. How about turning a garden adventure into a newspaper report or writing a list to show all the sticks, stones, mud and snails you've collected in your pockets! Have fun in the kitchen by writing instructions for a  a magic potion and use it in a story!

Maths is all around us - clocks, scales, patterns, numbers, shapes. There are endless opportunities for maths discussions that will encourage children to count and use their knowledge to problem solve

  • How many different 2d shapes can you see in this room?
  • One chair has four legs. How many legs in total if we had 10 chairs? 
  • If double 2 is 4, whats double 20?
  • How many windows do you think are on that building?
  • If my TV programme starts at half past 5 and lasts 30 minutes, what time will it finish?