Our Enquiry Based Curriculum

    At Four Elms we consider learning to be a life long experience. We promote a culture of self improvement for all, where adults and children develop ownership of their learning and share these skills for the benefit of others. Over the last few years we have been developing metacognative skills across the school. This research is helping children to better understand how well they are learning and consider self improvement by looking towards next steps. Each classroom uses working walls to support this thinking and teaches dialogic skills that enable children to become more active listeners and learners.

Our enquiry based approach encourages children to use deeper thinking skills, to question, find answers and to collect, evaluate and use evidence and data that will help them to answer a BIG question and form their own opinion.

Have a look at your child's class page to see what their big question is.

Our Curriculum map below gives an outline of our 2 year plan. This plan highlights the key skills the children will be covering within their various enquiries.

For English, pupils will be covering a range of key skills throughout the year and are therefore not specifically highlighted within one term.

For more detailed information about the learning your child will be covering in their enquiry, please see their class enquiry letter for further details.