Our School Day


Our School Day

Children will be greeted at the school gate by Ms Fox (Headteacher) or Mr Jervis (Deputy Head).  We offer a 'drop off' service in the car park.  A member of senior management will be in the car park from 8.30am  ready to receive the children.  The children will enter school where an opportunity to do 15 minutes physical exercise to music is held in the playground.  This enables the children to feel ready for learning.  The bell goes at 8.45am beginning the school day.  Literacy and Maths learning follow all morning.  There is an assembly each day at 1.15pm followed by learning in the Foundation Subjects.

Morning Playtime:

All children have a morning playtime  for 15 minutes, starting at 10: 30.  Children in classes 1 and 2 are provided with free fruit or vegetable snack. Children in key stage 2 are encouraged to bring their own snack. 


All children eat their lunch at 12:00. This is followed by a  30 minute playtime at 12:30. 

Afternoon Play

Children in classes 1 or 2 may have an afternoon play. 

End of the school day

Our school day finishes at 3:15. At the end of the day, parents should please collect their children from the playground. Children are invited to attend clubs each term.