Save Water Page

4 Elms Water Saving
This is the page where you can view all of Class 4's projects and going-ons while we have been learning about the water cycle. Our enquiry question is: "How significant is water in our lives?" We have answered this as: "EXTREMELY!"
Many take our water supply for granted - but NO ONE should! A couple of students have carried out an investigation on the tap by Class 2.
4 Elms are trying their utmost to prevent water wastage. The 70% of water that is on the planet is declining, making it harder, for some animals to survive. Less than 2% of the world's water is clean. Please save your water!
Our class have created a modified song to "Lips are Moving" by Meghan Trainor. This song is to help raise awareness of the lack of water in the world and how some people don't have enough of it.
Listen to our world's beautiful water sounds! (below!)