The Role of Our Parent Council

Four Elms Parent Council play an important part in bringing ideas and concerns to the attention of the Leadership Team in school. As parents, they have strong links with our parent community and are involved on a daily basis in gauging both the positive and negative impact of school policies and procedures on the lives of our children and families.  As we are always striving to work with and support parents for the benefit of the children, this feedback is invaluable. Not only do the Council provide the school with extra information from parents, they also help the school to revise and improve school policies, such as Home School Agreement and Anti-bullying Policy.

The meetings take place with the Headteacher,  on a termly basis, usually on one afternoon. The agenda is open – any concerns may be heard. All parents are welcome to  join the Council,  attend any of the meetings or talk to a member. (Representatives are listed below).  Minutes are published shortly afterwards and circulated to those who have attended.  

Class 1 --- Mrs Hadley, Mrs Donohoe
Class 2--- Mrs Davidsen
Class 3---Mrs Cosmos
Class 4---Mrs Turner, Mrs Hasson