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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

2020- A year of change, challenge page.


This part of our website will provide details of the collaborative home learning experience that will be completed during the time of the corona virus. Please note that you will need to look at individual class pages for more information about when this collaborative experience will be happening in the timetable and what specific work has been set for each year group. 

Below there is a parent video and written information. Underneath that you will be able to see the weekly challenges for the children to view. 







CHALLENGE 1!!!! Becoming an expert 

The right to be alive and be the best you can be - Article 6



CHALLENGE 2!!! Design and make the best Easter cake

The right to develop your talents & abilities - Article 29



You are due to be receiving a letter from the Prime Minister! Please keep this letter safe - you could put it/copy of it in your learning journal.

Challenge 3 - What can you see from your window? 

The right to develop your talents & abilities - Article 29



Challenge 4 - Random acts of kindness 

The right to be safe- Article 19



We have attached the story 'have you filled a bucket today?' below. The British Red Cross have also produced a handy kindness calendar which can be found here -


Challenge 5: Get up and Get moving! 

The right to be healthy - Article 24



Challenge 6 - How does your garden grow?

Article 24 - the right to a clean and healthy environment. 



Challenge 7 - You are what you eat!

Article 24 - the right to nutrtious food




Challenge 8 - Puppet show! 

Article 29 - the right to develop your talents & abilities



Challenge 9 - Life before technology 

Article 31- the right to play and relax




Challenge 10- The ideal world 

This challenge covers a lot of the rights. I wonder how many you can refer to in your speech? 



Challenge 11 - Time warp!

Article 17 - the right to information 



Challenge 13 and 14 - You can go your own way!

Article 29- the right to develop your talents and abilities




We are so impressed with how hard Jensen worked on his computing project. Please do try his game!




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