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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

A Curriculum To Inspire...

We intend to deliver a curriculum that is both forward looking and thinking. We recognise that our curriculum needs to provide all learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding that will help them to lead a life of fulfilment and success.

To do this we recognise the importance of offering a wide range of experiences that are not constrained by just subjects alone but that also include opportunities for the development of character and an understanding of how to learn. It is these values which are core and fundamental to our school mission and therefore, underpin our curriculum intent at every level. 

Our Curriculum Values and Intent 

Our Curriculum Values 

Our curriculum is based around four core beliefs highlighted below. We believe that these values are not hierarchical but are inter-related and interdependent on each other for success. 

Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent is based around four outcomes. These are for all pupils to be:

1. Successful Learners

2. Healthy Thinkers

3. Confident Individuals 

4. Caring Citizens 


Academic Excellence  

Our planned curriculum is delivered through a wide range of experiences. Each experience builds coherently on previous learning in order to maximise progress over time. Each experience results in high quality pupil outcomes which demonstrate outstanding progress through a real deepening of knowledge and learning. The experiences are planned in a way that links learning across subjects where appropriate. Time is allocated to each experience so that pupils can deepen their knowledge and understanding through our "Know, Show, Grow" model. 

To find out more about each class's learning experiences please visit the class pages.

Class One

Class Two

Class Three

Class Four 

At the bottom of this curriculum page there is a breakdown of the National Curriculum objectives for foundation subjects covered by each year group. 

Learning to Learn 

Our children need to understand what they are leaning as well as how they are learning it. Therefore, metacognition, reflection and thinking skills are core to learning. 

We teach thinking tools to enable our children to engage in reflection and therefore they are able to understand themselves better as learners. They are taught a variety of thinking strategies to enable them to become inquisitive, active, life-long learners. Below is an example of a thinking tool we teach the children. 


 "Knowledge is power but it is the development of character that determines an ability to use this wisely"

Character development goes beyond the knowledge and skills taught within the National Curriculum, All pupils will be taught how to develop their character through experiences which underpin the necessary traits for life-long success.

In order to ensure that we provide opportunities for character to be developed continuously and coherently we have introduced five gateways which are focused on each term, with the final sixth term used to consolidate a gateway. Each gateway as a focus on a set of character traits that need to be developed. 


To ensure the children are able to reach their full potential we create diverse learning experiences that further develop their own unique emerging talents and interests.

Our children are encouraged to be independent learners and follow their own lines of enquiry. 

Additionally, to ensure every child is able to make the best progress possible for them, we adapt our curriculum to suit their learning needs.


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