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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Are You being Served? (2019-2020)

Addition and subtraction are two of the four mathematical operations which are essential in order to function in the real world. Despite technological advancements replacing the ‘need’ to calculate in scenarios such as purchasing items, children still need to be proficient in these operations in order to ensure they are receiving the correct change and know that they have enough money to afford the items they want. This experience is designed to teach the children these skills. They will be proficient in identifying different monies, understanding notation for money and through this we will be reinforcing our prior learning of mental methods of addition and subtraction along with the formal written method of column addition and subtraction. The children will use these skills to calculate how much it will cost to run a café, how much to charge customers and the change that the customer should receive. This will enable the children to select the appropriate method or strategy for calculation in a real life context. This experience will ensure that the children have an opportunity to apply all the skills that they have learnt in a fun and creative manner.


Today we visited the local Four Elms Cafe which is situated where the garage once was. The children were allowed to bring money and could buy a small snack (biscuit or cake) and a drink. They were also allowed to buy a small bag of sweets which were specially provided by the cafe for this occasion. We got to experience being in a real cafe, being responsible for our own money and enjoying a social visit that we wish to emulate later in the term.

Lewis: "I enjoyed looking around and paying for my food. It made me think about how we could make our food healthy."

Tabatha: "I enjoyed this hook because it made me think about money and food more."

Scarlett: "I really loved buying the drink and sweets. It made me think about what we can do for our cafe."


During our learning experience we have been identifying and recognising coins, finding totals and using coins to make a specific totals. We have been building upon our prior learning about addition and subtraction, using the compact method to find totals and change. We then transferred this knowledge into practical situations in our cafe.




DT (Cooking):

We thought carefully about which foods are most commonly found in cafes and why. We then came up with a selection of recipes that would be appropriate for our own cafe. Class 3 had a go at using different skills and processes to create these foods. We taste tested and evaluated them, making selections and changes about which ones to use at our cafe.




Class 3 put all their acquired knowledge and skills into practise and ran a fully functioning cafe. They had a welcoming team who took people to their tables and helped tidy away used dishes, servers who took peoples orders, a food and drinks team who took the orders and delivered them to the relevant tables and finally the addition and subtraction crew who had to find the total of the bill and how much change needed to be given. The children designed their cafe and all the components in it and were also responsible for clearing away, understanding that every person has a vital role to play in order for things to be successful. The money they raised is being put towards a future experience.


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