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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Being resourceful

Geography and English collide in our 'Being Resourceful' experience where children learnt about global warming and the skills needed to write a persuasive letter. We then put these skills to good use by writing a persuasive letter to Crystal Palace Football Club, encouraging them to make environmentally beneficial changes and explaining the importance of making the suggested changes.  


We started off looking at finite and infinite resources. We then found out more about infinite resources.

We learnt about levels of formality to ensure our letter was written in the correct tone. Some of us looked at how switching between levels of formality could be used to enhance how persuasive our writing would be. 

We found out more about finite and infinite resources, learning about how we could recognise whether a resource was finite or infinite and also considering the advantages and disadvantages of both.

We learnt about emotive language which proved to be incredibly powerful when writing our letters.

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