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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Celebration Page!

Please find a celebration of all your hard work below. 
Sienna's poem - attached as a pdf 

Lottie has worked really hard on her initial sketch and it shows- well done Lottie.
Adam has done really well drawing the perspective of his garden. 
I also wanted to show off Isla's maths work- look at how neat it is! 
Evie has made a brilliant start on her drawing. 
Liam has written a brilliant and very witty poem. 
Fantastic poem- I miss you too Mia.
Oscar has been really clever with him rhyming. Great job Oscar. 
Isla has made a brilliant start to her poem and has even included speech!- Well done Isla.
Hollie has made an amazing, emotional first draft of her poem. 
Look at how lovely, bright and colourful Chloe's artist page is. 
Adam has been working really hard on his art recently and it really shows- well done Adam.
Isla created a lovely artist page about Vincent van Gogh.
Oscar has blown me away with how good this is!
Mia's artist page is jam packed with information! Great job Mia. 
Liam has created a fantastic artist page about Vincent van Gogh and found out some information about perspective. 
I love the layout and the use of the hopeful rainbow on Sofia's mindmap.
Wow, Maia created a fantastic mindmap.
Isla worked really hard on her mindmap today and came up with some great questions. 
Chloe has created a fantastic front cover- I love the way she has done the reflection in the mirror. 
Look at the wolf on Liam's draft-its incredible. 
I cannot wait to see the final version of Seb's!
Look at how amazing Jake's draft is.
The colours on Lucy's design are brilliant. 
Look at Oscar's, it looks like a professional comic! 


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