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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Celebration Page!

I am so impressed with all of your work. Here are just a few examples of super work:

I have uploaded the exercise videos onto the challenge 5 page of the 2020: A Year of Change part of the website. 


Esme created a tally chat of the amount of bees going in and out of each of the bee hotels she has at home. What a super idea! 
James looked like he had a lot of fun labelling parts of his body! Good work!
I am loving Flo's neat presentation!! What a super tally chart!
I was so impressed that Alfie took up the challenge of creating a pictogram where each picture represents more than 1. He used his two times tables to help. Good work!
What a beautifully presented tally chart and block diagram. Well done Will!
Enjoy your bank holiday everyone!!! Well done to everyone who created posters to celebrate. 


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