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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Celebration page!

Jake's garlic is growing really well! He has some tomatoes growing too. 
Isla's garlics have grown! How are your plants coming along?







Isla's cartoon flowers showing how plants function. 
Liam's photosynthesis poster brings me so much joy! I love it. 
Ellis made a great, informative poster about all our learning. 
Lucy has done a fantastic job displaying all our learning from this week. 
What a fantastic informative poster from Eloise!
Liam's beautiful depiction of the pollination process. 
Maia created a beautiful display of how the pollination process works. 


A beautiful diary entry from Lucy.
A beautiful explanation of the pollination process from Mia


I really like Eloise's classification key, especially the Christmas leggings :)


Isla created a brilliant classification key
This is a lovely example of a classification key from Mia. 
Mia has outdone herself again by creating a stunning diary entry.
Oscar made the perfect example of a classification key and is very knowledgeable about flower names. 
Lucy has spent a lot of time on her diary entry and it shows! Good job Lucicles.
Emma did a lovely drawing of all the different parts of the plant.
Seb got the fantastic opportunity to dissect a plant so he could label it. 
Isla drew her own flower to label and it looks brilliant!
Mia dissected some flowers to see all the different parts and labelled what they do. 
Mia has written some brilliant instructions on how to grow an orange; they are beautiful too!
Can we just all take a moment to appreciate how this looks like it is done by a professional artist! Liam's art skills are going from strength to strength and I am very proud. 





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