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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Celebration page!

Lottie made her family a delicious looking halloumi burger with lots of vegtables. 
Maia covered all the food groups with this vegetarian meal: protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy and healthy fats! Good job Maia.
Eloise treated her family to a delicious meal of chicken, rice and veggies. 






Jake created a fantastic Mr Men themed kitchen safety poster. 


Liam has written some fantastic instructions on how to make his burger. That drawing looks good enought to eat!
Isla wrote some brilliant instructions for her chicken stir fry.
James' family are in for a treat with his meal of salmon and roast asparagus.
Seb decided to make a vegetarian dish for his meal and it sounds really yummy!
Lucy wrote some brilliant instructions on how to make cheesy baked fish- sounds delicious! 


Jake did a fantastic piece of writing arguing whether you need to eat meat to have a balanced diet. 
Oscar did a great job understanding how to tailor the Mr Men's diet to their needs. 
Mia did a fantastic job designing meals to target the Mr Men's needs and wants.


Isla thought of lots of ideas. Her family are in for a treat with her chicken stir fry. 
Seb came up with lots of idea's for his balanced and healthy meal. 


Mia has written some brilliant arguments for an against if you need to eat meat as part of a balanced diet. 


Hollie has a great time finding out where all the food in her kitchen came from. 
Jake managed to find food from 6 continents in his kitchen!


Isla created a beautiul 'what is the task?' page, listing all the ingredients she had available to make her meal.
Maia's mind map page is absolutely stunning!
A brilliant mind map from Hollie on all the things she already knows about a balanced diet.



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