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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Celebration page

Please take a moment to read just a selection our fantastic poems- you have all blown me away! Even more attached below!

On Tuesday, we got some inspiration from all the good news that is happening in the world. Mia decided to present hers with lots of colour to cheer us up!
Liam's presentation of why kindness is important to him and his good news is brilliant. 
On Tuesday we also decided to fill our buckets with all the reasons why kindness is important to us. Isla did a fantastic job. 
Maia did a fantastic job choosing why kindness is so important to her. 
Chloe came up with some fantastic ideas. 
We started the week thinking about what kindness meant to us and Liam blew me away with his very creative gather and organise page. 
Isla did a fantastic page, with lots of ideas of what random acts of kindness she could do. 



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James did a brilliant job of creating the window effect on his already excellent drawing. 
Sam has done a fantastic drawing of his garden.
Oscar created a brilliant piece, the perspective is perfect!
Mia did a lovely job with the view from her window. I particularly like the fence. 
Sofia did a fantastic job with her drawing.

My unique spring


‚ÄčI miss knocking for Lola;

No friends, just corona.

Shes always going crazy,

Shes very far from lazy.


I am really missing camping,

To get there we use Googles mapping.

We would play in the woods near,

While the adults would drink their beer.


I miss everybody in Czech republic,

Struggling in the airport in front of the public.

We were supposed to go to Czech for Easter,

But now all I can eat is is pizza.


I miss shopping;

This corona thing has my mouth dropping.

I still go out on the bike,

Or sometimes fancy a quick hike.


As I look out of my window,

I long for the hugs and high fives,

But seeing the beauty of spring,

Reminds me that nature is still alive.


The flowers are tanning in the sun,

The Acer tree is as red as a freshly cut plum,

The sky is as blue as royal blood,

I am starting to see the flower bud.


The sun now sets at eight PM,

And the stars are showing like a precious gem.

I like the warm spring evening,

I can hear my dog dreaming.


The ice cream slowly melts in my hand,

Birds are making a beautiful band,

The grass dances to the music,

And up comes the first tulip.


By Maia


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