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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Challenge 3!

This week's challenge links with article 29 - the right to develop your talents & abilities! 

Wow, we have an incredible artist at our school. Jackson has decided to sell all the art work he has made during lock down and donate the money to the NHS. 
He has raised an amazing 140 pounds on his just giving page and has almost sold out of his artwork!
What an inspiration! 


Grace has been keeping a scrap book for her time off of school and what is happening over the world. She has been writing notes to her neighbours little girl and creating rainbows for her family. Lovely work Grace!
Leo has started sketching his view. He has split his picture into parts so that he can focus carefully on the detail. Great work Leo!

And here is Leo's finished picture complete with his poem ^. You can really see the progress Leo has made through the week. 
I love James' attention to detail. He has been working hard on his sketching skills!


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