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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Challenge 4!

This challenge links with article 19 - the right be safe!


We have been blown away by everyone's acts of kindness. Jackson has rasised over £400 by selling his painting. Ethan has raised £135 for the NHS so far by running 100 laps of his garden. Esme has rasied £335 for Shelter by doing 26 burpees and 26 star jumps. Awesome work!!!

Connor has created a news report which perfectly encapsulates what is going on at the moment and the things that people are doing to keep other people safe and happy. 



Duncan and Bobby have researched what is going on around the world. Here is their episode of newsround:



Here is Jackson reporting on the best times during the coronavirus!  



Look at the other incredible work that has been produced this week too:

Harry has worked SO hard on his writing this week! It is amazing! I'm sure the milkman will love it too.
We have been thinking about what we are grateful for. Maisie thought carefully about what 5 things she is grateful for. What super ideas!
Esme was quite rightly proud of her letter! She worked really hard to correct any errors before writing it up in beautiful handwriting. 


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