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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School


'Character Knowledge is power, but it is the development of character that determines an ability to use this wisely'

Our determination to develop character reflects our aim to prepare learners for their future. Character development is taught through values set by each school.

Development of Character Learning at times can be challenging, confusing and often unpredictable. If learning is to be mastered, then learners need to be able to persevere, show determination, push themselves and show a willingness to take on new challenges. Learning is also a collaborative process and to do this effectively, learners need to have emotional intelligence which is reflected in their ability to demonstrate care and compassion, trust and support. Life-long learners understand the importance of these characteristics and our curriculum must provide opportunities for these to be developed if our outcomes are to be achieved.

Character goes beyond the knowledge and skills taught within the National Curriculum. All pupils will be taught how to develop their character through experiences which underpin the values for life-long success and prosperity. In order to ensure we provide opportunities for coherent character development, we must define each value so that children not only understand but are able to demonstrate them in all they do.

Character development is generic and can be applied to any subject being taught. Teachers must consider how the values can be developed, both in and out the classroom. Each school should have values by which every member of the school community work and live within. These values must be embedded in every aspect of school life.

Each term, the school will focus on a different value, including within lessons, whole school assemblies, lunchtime, playtime and clubs. As part of the introduction to the Inspire Curriculum, the school would be supported by the Inspire team in developing this aspect to personalise ‘Character Development’ to match your values. Each value has been defined to ensure consistency to the teaching of character/values across the school.


Below, you can find out about each character value through our parent newsletter. 


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