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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Charlton Athletic (2019-2020)

Week 1:

The children learned about what exercise is. Steve talked to them about how much exercise they should be doing each week to stay fit and healthy. They were asked to complete their booklets, colouring the triangle for how much time they spent active and how long they spent on screens. After that they went outside and participated in some fantastic team games which got them moving as much as possible.

Week 2:

This week the children thought about what types of exercise we do; strengthening, stamina or flexibility. When outside, the children were learning to work together as a team to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Week 3:

This week the children were learning about how a balanced healthy diet keeps us fit and well. They discussed different food groups and had to sort out which area of the 'food plate' different items fit into. Once outside they participated in some fantastic games.

Week 4:

This week year 3 got to work on their own as year 4 were on a trip. They looked at healthy balanced meal and organised a set of meals for one whole day. Steve set them a home challenge on helping an adult at home to cook a balanced healthy meal. They can either draw a picture of this or take a photo and email it to school for Steve to see next week. They then went outside and played a game of tail tag and sumo tail tag. It was such a fun game and they really had to think about tactics.

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