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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Christmas with the Aliens

On Wednesday 27th November, something strange happened to the classroom.

We explored and investigated and found a letter from Santa which said:

Dear Children of Class 1,

I visited space and met a couple of Aliens named Dash and Oola, they not only did not know who I was, they did not know what Christmas was and they did not know the meaning of Christmas. I  thought what could I do to help  and share the Christmas joy. Then it came to me , I know , the children in class 1 in Four Elms  School are learning songs for their nativity “Christmas with the aliens” , they would be perfect to help teach Dash and Oola about the meaning of Christmas. So I have sent the coordinates and directions to the aliens and they should be arriving with you at Four Elms school during  registration time with a spaceship full of Christmas decorations as a gift from me to  help teach Aliens about Christmas. I hope they are good and respect their right to learn and everyone’s right to choose their own beliefs and religion.

Thank you for your help.

I will see you all very soon. 


Santa Clause

PS: I really enjoy the cookies and Milk you leave! Ho!Ho!Ho

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