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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Class 4 - Online learning 23/3/20

Good Morning Class 4!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and spent some quality time with your family. As you may already know I will be one of the members of staff in school today. Therefore, although I will be able to access my emails, the promised 2-hour window of response may not be possible. I will endeavour to answer any questions or queries as quickly as possible, but please bear with me, as this is new for everyone.

Please find my suggested timetable for the day below (note this is only suggested timetable and if you have already worked out your own timetable as a family, or find my suggestions are not working for your own situations, feel free to adapt them). Under the timetable I have gone into more detail about what each task involves. I cannot wait to see some photos of what you get up to and any free time please use on timestables rockstars, spellodrome or IDL.

Have a fantastic day and be kind to each other!

Any questions my email address is

Mrs Woolliscroft







English (story writing)

10.30- 11

Break time




Lunch time


Silent reading (make sure to write this in your reading record)


Break time





It’s a great idea to start your day with some exercise- Jo Wicks is running a virtual PE class from 9am everyday on his YouTube channel (TheBodyCoachTV) join in and have some fun. If you would prefer to do your own form of exercise, do what works for you, this could be a jog or a quick game of football in the garden. Just make sure you are being active for the full 30 minutes.



If you were in school for the last week you would have been introduced to my StoryWorld cards, if not do not worry, they are really simple to understand.

I have picked three cards at random, these cards have pictures and words on that you can use to inspire a story. They are covered with clue’s and links to other cards, so every story is going to be different (I will add a picture of today’s cards below).

For today I only want you to work on planning your story. Use subtitles in your workbook to note your ideas down.

  • Who are your main characters going to be? (Make a word bank of descriptive words and phrases you can use to describe them- think about the relationships between the characters, how do they know each other?)
  • Where will your story be set? What era will it be set? Will it be in a magical land? (Make another word bank of descriptive words and phrases to describe your setting)
  • What is the problem your characters are going to have? (Every story needs a problem, write down a few notes about what the problem will be in your story)
  • How is your story going to end? (Is your problem going to be resolved? How? Or is your story going to end with a cliff hanger? Write a few notes on how your story will end)

Make sure you are using all the descriptive language devices you know- adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors, the power of 3.


We have been working on multiplying fractions in class and I would like to continue this learning as much as possible. If you are struggling with the tutorial I have attached, please check out the following links that will also help (especially if you have recently missed any school). I have also attached a pdf of questions I would like you to try in your work book. As always I have green, orange and red challenges for you to give a go- start on green and work your way through.

I will upload the answers tomorrow, or email me if you want them sooner.


Silent reading

I would really like you to carry on reading, and I will still be looking for book recommendations to share with everyone and will still be giving out raffle tickets for reading- so send me a picture of your reading record and I can send emails with your reading certificates attached.


In the next page of your sketch book, or plain paper if your sketch book did not come home with you, we are going to be practising drawing mouths and their different expressions. I have attached a few options for you to practice from. Make sure you remember everything we have been looking at so far; study the shapes in front of you and don’t just draw what you think a mouth looks like and don’t forget to add depth to your images by using shading. I would like you to still be drawing in pencil for this stage. Also I have added a picture of my sketch book so you can see my expectations (you could label each mouth as an expression or sound).


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