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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Class 4 - Online learning 24/3/20

Good Morning Class 4!

I hope you all enjoyed your first day of online learning, I was absolutely blown away by some of the photos I have been sent and how hard you have been working! Coming soon, will be a class celebration page to see what some of your fellow classmates have been up to.  

Please see my suggested timetable for the day below, just like yesterday, underneath I have gone into more detail about what each task involves. I love receiving your photos so keep sending them to me…all this sunshine is making me feel very generous with the raffle tickets!

Just like yesterday I am in school again teaching today, so although I will look at my emails periodically I will not be able to promise to respond within that 2-hour time frame.

Keep happy and healthy!

Any questions my email address is

Mrs Woolliscroft







English (story writing)

10.30- 11

Break time




Lunch time




Break time





I have had some really lovely feedback about everyone enjoying Jo Wicks’ start to the day and personally I don’t think there is a better way to get your mind in gear and ready for a day of learning, so I am suggesting we all join in again with the virtual PE lesson. It will be running from 9am everyday on his YouTube channel (TheBodyCoachTV) join in and have some fun. Just like yesterday, if you would prefer to do your own form of exercise, do what works for you, just make sure you are being active for the full 30 minutes.



I have had some really lovely story plans sent to me and now I am excited to have these stories come to life today.

Make sure you read your plan from yesterday before you delve into writing, we want our stories to be coherent and not rushed. Use all the descriptive language you wrote yesterday to bring your stories alive and just like in class we are building on all our skills so make sure you add:

-Speech (following our 8 rules and adding actions and voice descriptions)

-A introductory paragraph setting the scene (you can use 1 appropriate symbol before you then begin your story)

-Descriptive language (the power of three, adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors)

Remember our aim in class 4 is to have 1 full page of writing, but as always please focus on your quality of writing, rather than rushing to complete the quantity.



Great job on your maths yesterday, I have attached the answers to today’s page so you can see how you did. Before we move on to dividing fractions, I would like us to try some word questions on multiplying. I have done a short clip below to explain what to do. Because today's questions are from twinkl the answers are also attached - please do not cheat! 




I have set a short assessment on Spellodrome to be completed today. The test is timed at 15 minutes so just do your best. Afterwards I have linked our 'speech' SPAG game, give it a go and write your name on the leader board to see how you did. 1st place will receive 5 raffle tickets, 2nd 3 raffle tickets and 3rd 1 raffle ticket. (If you play more than once I will only count your highest score.)


In the next page of your sketch book, or plain paper if your sketch book did not come home with you, we are going to be practicing drawing different expressions. Just like yesterday I have attached a few options of varying difficulties for you to practice from. I am happy for you to try different mediums to work with today, but please no felt tips or highlighters. I have also added a picture of my sketch book so you can see my expectations.


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