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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Class 4 - Online learning 26/3/20

Good Morning Class 4,

Well done on another fantastic day of home learning! We are beginning our '2020 time of change' experience today and I cannot wait to hear all your ideas. 

Keep looking at our celebration pages too, you might just spot your work on there! 

Any questions my email address is

Mrs Woolliscroft








10.30- 11

Break time




Lunch time


2020 Time of Change Experience


Break time





As well as Jo Wicks doing some PE lessons, Oti Mabuse is now doing dance lessons everyday too! At 11.30 you can join in with a ballroom dance class. So if you fancy trying something different, why not give that a go!



Well done on your comprehension from yesterday- answers are attached below. As of tomorrow we will be planning our own fairy tale stories, but to make sure we are using speech correctly and with impact I have planned one last activity based on the Snow White story from yesterday.

Attached I have written out the speech that is on the next few pages of our book, your task is to write it into context. Make sure you are using reported clauses to make the speech make sense and look for clues in the speech such as punctuation, new speaker-new line and the knowledge you already have of what the characters are like. I have colour coded the characters with a key at the top of the page to help.

(I will attach this as both word and pdf documents, so if you have the access you can type your story around the speech- if not please write it out in your work book.)

Once you have finished your versions, I will attach some more of the book for you to read- see how close you were.  There are some further pages attached too. Read them and write your next prediction please. This is my favourite short story in the book, so I am looking forward to reading your next predictions.


Well done of your maths yesterday, I have attached the answers below. Although the set work was brilliant, I was a bit disappointed with how few of you did the mymaths to go alongside it. I have extended the deadline, so you can give it a go today. 

Today we are going to be doing the same thing, but with trickier numbers. Please watch my video first and then try the questions attached at the bottom. 



2020 Time of Change Experience

For our first whole federation experience we are thinking about how we can improve ourselves whilst being at home and becoming really good at something. If you have not already watched Mrs Mitchell and Miss Fermor’s video, please do that first.



Today I want you to create your mind maps.

Your first mind map will be on all your ideas about what you could do at home and become really good at. This could be ANYTHING! Baking, running, origami, juggling, dancing, writing poetry, handstands…. I personally want to do all those things. Display your ideas, just like how we display our experience mind maps in school, try and fill the page with all your ideas and corresponding pictures!

Then for your second mind map you are going to have to choose just 1-that’s the hard part! From this idea I want you to do another mind map that plans how you are going to get better at your chosen activity. Get creative.

This experience is ongoing, so anytime you practice your chosen skill, or are really impressed with your progress, let me know. I will be updating you on our class page of how I am getting on too – below is the painting I started this week. 


I hope you have lots of research about Roy Lichenstein from yesterday. Today we are going to display it in our sketch books. When you get to secondary school this is something you will be doing all the time in art. You need to use your creativity to think about how you can display your research in an artistic way. Use boxes and shapes to space out your facts and become inspired by his work to decorate your page. Please see the picture of my sketch book for some inspiration.



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