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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Class 4- Online learning 25/3/20

Good Morning Class 4 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON!!!!!!

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Cameron,

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

What a fantastic day yesterday, after having a pretty rubbish morning with my car breaking down all of your enthusiasm for your learning really cheered me up. I love that you are as competitive mas always with our SPAG quiz, I will upload more of these throughout the weeks.9

Well done to Hollie who came in 1st place (numerous times), Adam who came 2nd and Isla who came 3rd.

I hope you enjoy another day of online learning, which includes a lesson from the lovely Mrs Brocker.

Any questions my email address as always is

Mrs Woolliscroft







English (Guided reading)

10.30- 11

Break time




Lunch time




Break time


Well being from Mrs Brocker



We need to try and remain active and healthy so I will have this slot open for PE every day. Personally I am going to go for a run this morning, but you do whatever exercise keeps you happy. Let me know what you get up to and remember Jo Wicks will still be doing his PE lessons live if you would prefer to join in with that.



Great work on your stories! You have worked really hard and I am really impressed with how varied the stories are. For English today we are going to be doing a guided reading lesson, I have uploaded some pages from the next short story in our book. Take some quiet time to read the pages and then answer the questions in your work book. Remember to write in full sentences and quote the text when you can.

Answers will be uploaded tomorrow.



Before you start on your maths lesson for today, please make sure you complete the new task I have set on mymaths.

We are going to be starting dividing fractions today. Please see my video below for a quick tutorial. There are then some green, orange and red questions attached. Again I will upload the answers tomorrow.




In art today we are going to be researching an artist who links really well with our experience of illustrations and cartoons. In your workbook – NOT YOUR SKETCH BOOK! I would like you to research the artist Roy Lichenstein. Write down some key facts that you find out; as you will need these in tomorrow’s art lesson. 

Some questions to get you started:

-What era was he famous?

-Where was he from?

-What art movement was he a part of?


Well being

Mrs Brocker has sent me the lesson Y6 were going to complete next, I think this would be beneficial for the Y5’s to do the same lesson as you be looking at happiness.

First read the text below to see 10 top tips for happier living.

Mrs Brocker wants you to write 10 sentences about how these things could bring you happiness, think about what you could do to achieve at least one of these this week. I have done some ideas for the first 4 below:

  • Giving -maybe you offer to help around the house more than you would normally?
  • Relating- you could write a letter to Betty or Joan at Rivermere Care Home, send it to me and I can email/post it to Nina.
  • Exercising- we should all be doing this every day, if you haven’t joined in with Jo Wicks this week, time to give it a go. 
  • Appreciating- have you noticed spring has sprung! Take some time to look at the daffodils and hear the birds singing.

Once you have written all ten sentences, Mrs Brocker would like you to complete a happiness shield, if you can- print out the one attached; if not-you can draw your own. Fill your shield with all the things that make you happy! Get creative.

Where possible can you please complete the above activities on separate paper to your workbook, but keep them safe so you can show it to Mrs Brocker when we are all back in school.

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