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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Easter Holidays

Hello Class 4,

Hope you are having a brilliant half term.

This page is not a page of essential tasks you need to do over half term, but just some ideas that if you are feeling like you need to have some continuity in your life, I wanted to provide that support. 

Wellbeing Y6

From Mrs Brocker-

Please look at the Barbara Frederickson diary.

Complete it every day for a week and see if you spot a positive or negative ratio.
If your ratio was more negative what could you do about that to promote positive change?

Wellbeing Y5

From Mrs Brocker-

This term we are going to be focusing on the theme of emotions.
We are specifically going to focus on the emotion of anger and how to regulate our feelings.
Please draw out the Restorative Justice Poster and learn it.
Then write a short story no longer that half an A4 page where you create a form of conflict with a friend. Please demonstrate how you would go through each section to resolve the situation.


Recently, I stumbled across The Happy Newspaper and I love it!! I am always saying that there is not enough 'happy news' and that we need to celebrate the positive things more often. Take a look at the website and have a go at making your own Happy newspaper, including articles and images about all the good things happening in your life. For example I would write an article about the teddy bear hunt happening in my village.


Will Sliney who is an artist for Marvel Comics is doing online lessons on how to draw your favourite cartoon characters. He has posted some of his previous lessons online, but you can also catch him on live stream. I know Seb has already had a go and has even been retweeted by Will himself!



Can you make an assault course in your garden? This could include lots of different types of activities; sprints, scoring a goal, throwing and catching a ball or even burpees! Design and create your course and then time each person. 

Further activities

-Who can improve their time the most?

-How could you display your findings?

-What is the mean, range and median of all the timings? (Y6)

-Could you make a medal for your champion?


I just want to reiterate these are not compulsory, feel free to dip in and out of them if you want to and you can send me pictures of all the fun things you get up to.

Remember I am here to support and help you so feel free to email me throughout the holidays if you need to.

Mrs Woolliscroft



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