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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 15th January 2021

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you have a great day. Any questions, please email me on 

Have a great weekend!

Dont forget to work on your wellbeing today:






TT Rockstars – 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before you go onto garage. Don’t forget you can challenge me and I will be challenging you too!

9:30 – 10.30




LO: to demonstrate my understanding of statistics

SC1: I can include some of the different types of data representations I have learnt about

SC2: I can include key vocabulary and definitions from this topic

SC3: I can display examples of data choosing appropriate representations

Today we would like you to use your mind maps/ reflections from yesterday to create your poster including all the information we have gathered over the last 2 weeks.

It must include:

  • Key vocabulary and definitions
  • Information about different charts and graphs
  • Examples of data I have created
  • A detailed reflection on the back

Feel free to use colour to create an attractive poster but remember the most important thing is the quality of your learning and the information it communicates.

Key vocabulary

data, discrete, continuous, key, frequency, scale interval, represent, pictogram, tally, bar chart, time graph

Once your poster is complete, on the back, we would like you to reflect on how this topic was for you.

Remember our character trait for this term is SELF AWARENESS and you should have thought about some questions you had for yourself back when you did your Launch Page at the start of last week.

Have you been successful in your learning?

What has been challenging? Why? How did you overcome this?

Were there any questions you had that you weren’t able to answer then and could now?


Break time/snack time

Those of you working at home will have our Zoom check-in now :) see you online!

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time!

You need to keep your body active so that your brain can keep active too.

11:00 – 12.00


LO: to apply my knowledge of descriptive techniques

SC1: I have carefully checked all non-negotiables to ensure my writing is of a high quality

SC2: I have used expanded noun phrases and adverbial phrases effectively

SC3: I have used emotive language and the 5 senses to create imagery

SC4: I have used a range of literary devices effectively to create powerful imagery for the reader

Please continue to edit and improve your writing for all 4 of your descriptive paragraphs.

If you have finished, please begin to publish your writing in neat (see this afternoon’s Success Criteria).

Any questions, please let us know!

12:00- 1:00


1.00 - 1.15

Effective communication





1:15- 2.15

Experience outcome!

It’s publishing day!

LO: to demonstrate my understanding of geographical knowledge using literary descriptive devices

SC1: I can use my neatest, joined handwriting to publish my writing

SC2: I can follow my edited drafts to make sure any corrections and improvements are included.

SC3: I can read my published learning aloud to check it makes sense and is my best quality writing

Now it’s time to publish your amazing writing! We are really excited to receive these as just seeing your first drafts showed how much you have all learnt about descriptive language and tools.

Please write each paragraph up in your most beautiful handwriting, take a photo and send them to us.

Happy publishing Class Three! Enjoy!


2.15 – 2.30

Time for reflection.

Look back at the launch page and evaluate how successful you have been.

2.30 – 2.45

Story Time



Please find a PDF copy of the book here:

2:45 – 3.00

Guided reading

Chapter 9: The Night of the Turtles


1.       Kensuke has been on the island since 1945. What changes have taken place? Make a list of inventions and changes that Kensuke won’t know about.

2.       Michael wants to persuade Kensuke to come with him. Write a speech full of persuasive language giving reasons and evidence to try and persuade Kensuke to agree.


Who does Tomodachi keep losing and why?

How does Michael feel at the beginning of the chapter?

How does Kensuke link his life story to Michael’s situation?

Michael ‘grieved’ for his friendship with Kensuke. What does this mean?

Can you find examples of ‘honourable’ or ‘selfless’ behaviour?

Have you ever felt closer to a friend after a ‘reconciliation’? Can you describe why you felt closer?

3.00 – 3.15

Story Time – Kensuke’s Kingdom



This is the last chapter of the book. I didn’t want to end the week without you knowing what happened at the end of the story. :)


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