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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 15th January 2021

Hi everyone!! It's ..... 

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I'm so excited for our zoom catchup today!!!!! I have missed you all so much :)

Just so you know we are starting a new maths topic today- measurements. Today's lesson should be a revision of what you have done in previous years. 

I am really trying to get in those different lessons which you asked for and so I have added a music lesson for you this afternoon which I hope you all enjoy! Please send me pictures or videos of these and I can add this to our celebration page. 

Miss Coleman has also created an AMAZING video for you to work on becoming effective communicators. This is a big part of our curriculum at school so we wanted to make sure you still had those opportunities at home.

Have a lovely day!

Miss McCann


Please email me on or 





L.O- To understand how to convert metric measures in length

SC1- I can multiply and divide by 10 to convert between millimetres and centimetres.

SC2-  I can multiply and divide by 100 to convert between centimetres and metres.

SC3-  I can multiply and divide by 1000 to convert between kilometres and metres.


Revision- See if you can fill in this information with the knowledge you already have. I will then go through the answers in the video.


Watch my video tutorial about how to convert between the different measurements. I will make it clear where to stop for Green, orange or red challenges.

The challenges are available to download at the bottom of the page. Please make sure you use my answers to check your work and correct any that you got wrong.






Catch up Zoom

I am so excited to have a catch up with you all and see how you are getting on.

The link for the zoom should have been sent to your parents via email. If you have not received this please contact Mrs Lee at the office.



11:00- 12:30

English- Guided reading and writing

L.O: To show the perfect form of verbs (show: applying)

Success criteria:

  1.  I can use perfect verb forms in my writing to show the relationship of time and cause
  2.  I can explain what a perfect verb form is
  1.  I can evaluate my use of perfect form of verbs in my writing



  1. To read The Giant’s Necklace by Michael Morpurgo pages 25 and page 26 up to ‘…and began to climb up towards the light.’ Please don’t read any further.



  1. To answer the following questions based on pages 25
  1. Why did the old man not reply to Cherry?
  2. Can you explain why Cherry ‘felt a strange affinity’ with the two men?
  3. What can you infer from the line ‘shall I take her up like I usually do?’
  4. Find a copy a phrase that shows the journey wasn’t an easy one.
  5. Give evidence from the text to show the characteristics the young man displays on this page.
  1. Main task: To write a letter home as Cherry, explaining what has happened to you since you were left on the beach on your own, using the past perfect tense. Please watch the tutorial on the past perfect tense and read through the checklist/writing frame first to help you.



  1. Write an evaluative comment linked to the success criteria

12:30- 1:30


1:30-1: 45

 Effective Communication

I can stand tall with an open posture. I can face the audience with my head held high with my hands and feet positioned comfortably.







There is a video to watch, lots of practical activities and a task.

It would be great if you could send me either a video of you completing the lesson or a picture of your task. I would love to see how you get on.



Mrs Smith introduces a project for the week





Story time-

It’s time for chapter 7!




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