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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 15th May

H A P P Y     F R I D A Y!


Time Lesson
9-9.30 PE
9.30-10.30 Maths
10.30-11 Break
11-12.15 Science
12.15-1.15 Lunch
1.15-1.45 Science
1.45-2.15 English
2.15-2.30 Break
2.30-3 Music
3-3.15 Story Time


Make sure you are still keeping active.


L.O. To recognise the connection between percentages, decimals and fractions.

SC1. I can represent percentages as fractions using the denominator 100.

SC2. I can make the connection between fractions, percentage and decimals when using the denominator of 100. 

Sheet attached.




L.O. To understand the process of photosynthesis

SC1. I understand how leaves make 'food' through leaves

SC2. I know the written formula for photosynthesis. 

SC3. I can display my learning through a media of my choice. 



Please make sure you complete the true/false questions before you go on to making your own video/poster/powerpoint/song/cartoon.... whatever you like. 



L.O. To write an informal diary entry to document and observe.

SC1. I can use informal language, writing in the first person and present tense.

SC2. I can use a range of punctuation

SC3. I can use a range of descriptive language techniques.

Last diary entry for this week, which means we need to evaluate all the work we have done so far. Make sure you are answering the questions below.

What went well?

What could be improved?

Any further thinking


This week is my choice, it reminds me of friendships during this time. Hope you like it :)


Story Time




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