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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 17th April


Well that was quick- another break already. 

Thank you for all your fantastic photos of your Easter bakes. I hope you have now seen our celebration page. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and are looking forward to Monday, for a brand new 2020 challenge and the announcement of our bake off winner!

As always any questions feel free to email me at     




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Story writing

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Story time


I hope you have all been keeping active during Easter, if not time to start the day with exercise again. Running, dancing, Jo Wicks, do whatever makes you feel good!


Yesterday's answers are attached below.

For today please watch the video first, then attempt the sheet attached. If you are not printing out the sheet, please do not attempt to draw out the hundred squares in your book, just write the answers. 



Challenge is below. 



Story writing

The ending can be the most important part of a story and is the bit that people often remember. In a way the ending is the most important part as everything is leading up to that one moment- so don’t rush it!

There are lots of different ways you could end your story and today I want you to experiment by writing a quick draft for each of these scenarios. It is only a quick ending, 2 or 3 sentences (you can extend it once you have decided on which one to use)


  1. The cliff hanger… leave your readers on the edge of their seats, so they don’t know how the story will end. E.g. Gaston was gripping tightly on to the gargoyles gnarled face, he took a deep breath in and with all his powerful might he began to lift his body back onto the platform, but then he heard a snap. A quick, crumbly snap that made him intake all his breath at once.
  2. The twist… after you have left your readers sure of what the ending is going to be- change everything!  E.g Gaston was gripping tightly on to the gargoyles gnarled face, so tightly in fact that it began to twist. It twisted its ugly head towards Gaston and unexplainably said, “Oi!” In complete shock Gaston let go, and almost in slow motion plunged… until out of nowhere the gargoyle uncurled his ancient hand and caught him.
  3. The unfinished ending… when the story just stops. You readers aren’t sure what has actually happened. E.g Gaston was gripping tightly on to the gargoyles gnarled face, as the hands of Belle and the Beast where struggling to lift his cement like body back onto the platform. When out of nowhere another unknown hand lifted him like a feather and held him over the death defying drop.
  4. The sad ending…yes, you can have a sad ending, they are often more memorable. But don’t go over the top! Keep it realistic to your story. E.g. Gaston was gripping tightly on to the gargoyles gnarled face, trying with all his strength to hold on for one second more. All he wanted was to apologise to his one true love, and redeem himself for all the pain and anger he has caused in the world. But before he could right his wrongs; slowly, finger by finger, his strength failed him and he plunged to the ground below.
  5. The narrator addresses the reader… tell your readers the moral of your story and give them some advice. E.g. As you can see you should never judge a book by its cover. Yes, Gaston behaved cruelly and caused so much pain, but deep down it was his insecurities that made him act the way he did. So remember to think before you judge someone, as you do not know what is happening in their lives.

Give all 5 endings a go and then choose which one is right for your story. You can then go back and extend that draft, adding more detail into it and making it as perfect as your stories so far.



Watch the video first.



1. Choose where your title is going to be and what font it is. 
2. What characters are going to be on the cover?
3. What will the characters be doing?
4. What colours will you be using? And what will be background be?


Mrs Hunt has uploaded the songs we we learnt in school, please use this half an hour to practice. She would also love some video's, so feel free to send me clips of your amazing singing.


Story time





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