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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 17th April 2020

Hello again class 3!

I am in school today so I will not be able to reply to emails as quickly as usual. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible but please bare with me.

Today is the last day on our Easter treat challenge.

In English you will be #instructionexperts! You will be making any changes necessary and writing up in neat. I have attached a copy of my first attempt at the instructions from yesterday and my improved version from today so you can compare how I made it even better and use this to support yourself.

In maths you are on MyMaths again but there are less activities as they are a little more challenging today. See how you get on and let me know if you have any difficulties.

In the afternoon you are evaluating your work. I have attached a photo of my evaluation to help you but all the things you need to think about are on my lesson plans which are attached below.

Have a lovely day and I look forward to seeing how you get on.

Best wishes

Mrs Smurthwaite

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