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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 19th June




Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.



Measurement – Volume – Lesson 2

LO: To find the volume of a 3D shape using unit cubes.

SC1. I can articulate how to calculate volume.

SC2. I can create 3D shapes.

SC3. I can find the volume of 3D shapes.

Yesterday, we looked at cube and cuboid shapes and we learnt how to calculate the volume of the shapes by either counting cubes or using a volume calculation:

Volume = length x width x height

Today, we are going to look at some shapes which are also made up of unit cubes but they are not regular cubes and cuboids.

To calculate the volume of these shapes we will need to count the number of unit cubes.

I have a PowerPoint and video to help with today’s lesson.


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There are questions at the end of the page and you will find challenge questions at the end of the PowerPoint.


Break time/snack time

10:30- 12:00

English/challenge 10

LO: To present a speech to an audience.  

SC1. I can consider how to present a speech and engage an audience.  

SC2. I can present a speech to an audience.  

SC3. I can reflect on my speech and its impact. 

Please use today’s English lesson, to finish your speech and start to practice, ready for your final presentation this afternoon. A good idea would be to read it to a member of your family and ask them for feedback. Use their feedback to help you complete any last minute adjustments to your speech.

As you are finishing and practising, focus on the following points: 

        Which speech from this week’s lessons has grabbed your attention? Can you channel elements of this speech into your own? 

·        Have you got a clear structure and message?

·        Is your language emotive? 

·        Have you included repetition? 

·        Have you included rhetorical questions? 

·        Does your speech make somebody change their mind or want to do something? 

·        When you are delivering, what words do you need to emphasise? Are you remembering where you need to pause for dramatic effect? 

Once you are happy with your speech then take as much time as you need to practice delivering your speech. 




English/Challenge 10

Over the last few days you will have researched and then created your chosen speech. Today, you will be presenting your speech to an audience and if you are comfortable you can video your speech and it will be added to the schools YouTube page.

Before you present your speech I would like you to reflect, in your journals, on how you will present it to your audience. You will need to consider things such as:


·       a)The tone of your voice. Remember that if it’s a serious subject then you cannot be silly.

·       b)The need to speak clearly.

·       c)What is the best way to remember the speech? Can you learn it off by heart or do you need prompt cards to help?

Once you have finished your reading your speech I would like you to reflect on how well you did. Ask yourself:


·       a)What went well?

·       b)What would I do differently next time to make it even better?


Best of luck today. We are all very excited to see all of your amazing speeches.



Well-being. Please do an activity of your choice, for example: learning the new school song on the website under music, read, draw, take a walk, play a game.





Story time

Listen to and enjoy the story.


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