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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 19th June

Timetable Friday 19th June




9:00 – 9:30

Exercise with Joe Wicks 

9:30 – 10:00

If you are a Lexia person, please continue with Lexia. If you are a Guided Reading person, your lesson is as follows:


LO: To be able to distinguish between fact and opinion

SC1: I can read an unfamiliar text

SC2: I can explain the difference between fact and opinion

SC3: I can give my own facts and opinions


Here is the tutorial for today’s guided reading session. The additional challenge- for 4 raffle tickets- is to create your own fact file on something to do with planet Earth. This can be about a volcano, or the weather or something else… but it must be factual and include at least one drawing!  Refer back to the example texts on volcanoes and earthquakes for inspiration.



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Fact or Opinion?

There are three common types of volcano

Volcanoes are amazing

Vesuvius is a volcano in Italy

The Richter scale measures the strength of an earthquake

Earthquakes always cause destruction



Maths - Arithmetic strategies

LO: To use mental addition strategies

SC1) I understand the steps needed to solve mental arithmetic problems

SC2) I can correctly present my work in my book

SC3) I can solve addition problems using a strategy


Today we are going to be using the bridging 10s which will help you with your mental addition. Please watch the video below for the information needed to answer the questions.



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Please complete the questions below using the same presentation used in the video. There are a set of questions with additional challenge questions.


Break/Snack Time



LO: to evaluate my speech

SC1: I can reflect on the week’s work

SC2: I can consider positives of my speech

SC3: I can reflect on improvements to make


Today you are going to reflect on your speech,and use your journals to think about what went well, what wasn’t so successful and how you would improve your speech next time. I have attached an example at the bottom of the page





LO: To develop my artwork into a final piece.

SC1: I can continue to work with recycled materials

SC2: I can present my final piece of art

SC3: I can reflect on the task


Use this time to finish your piece of recycled art. When you have finished, take a photo and send it to your teacher. Then use your journal to reflect on what went well, what you found hard and what you would do differently next time.


Singing Practise and task.


Apologies for the confusion with the music last week. Every few weeks there will be a new instrument to focus on and we should be building up a mind map of instruments. If you have not already done so, please find the task about the flute below to be completed. If you have already written about the flute, please just use this time for some singing practise. Links are as follows:


Music Task –

Singing -


Story Time – if you wish to read along to the story please open the attachment below.


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