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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 26th February 2021

Happy Fri-yay everyone!!

Please find the learning for today below. I hope you have a wonderful Friday, ready for a fantastic weekend.

Priority 1- Maths and guided reading 

Priority 2- computing and afternoon challenge

Priority 3- story time, well-being and effective communication 

Miss McCann

Please email your work to me on





L.O- To understand how to solve problems involving angles

Success criteria

1. I can identify the key information in a problem

2. I can break down a problem into key parts and identify the knowledge needed about angles

3. I can use my knowledge of angles to solve problems


To start with, please can you complete the my maths activity I have set for you online. It is called “Angles 4”. This will be a recap of the learning so far this week. You should complete the lesson beforehand to support you.

Then please complete the reasoning questions below. The problems in each challenge become progressively harder.  There is no new tutorial today as you have learnt all of this knowledge, you are now just applying it.

Green- problems involving identifying angles, angles on a straight line and angles at a point

Orange- Problems involving angles on a straight line, around a point and vertically opposite

Red- Problems involving angles on a straight line, around a point, vertically opposite and knowledge of shape

Additional support: Use the video tutorials from the week to remind yourself of the different types of angles and how to find missing angles. I have also uploaded some resources which say SUPPORT SHEET to help remind you of the knowledge we have developed this week.


Catch up Zoom

Today for our catch-up we have our quiz!! I’m so excited. You should have a link to log in to all of your plickers to complete the quiz as we go.



11:00- 11:30

Guided Reading

Read/listen to the text ‘Fossil Sea Monster’ and answer the following questions.



Reading focus: summarising

a) Find and copy all the words in the first paragraph that show it was a difficult task.

b) Summarise paragraphs 2 and 3 in your own words.

c) Summarise in your own words the challenges they faced in order to excavate the fossil.

d) List examples of scientific vocabulary from the text.

e) 'There are more fossils to find in Antarctica.' Do you agree with this statement? Explain your reasoning.

11:00- 12:30


LO- To understand how to create a game with a specific goal

Success criteria

1. I can create appropriate backgrounds and sprites

2. I can program consequences for specific actions


Play this game in scratch Splat Game Version 1 on Scratch ( You will need to investigate what keys to press to avoid the balloon. Then consider:

· Is it similar to any games or apps you already know?

· What does the character sprite do?

· What does the water balloon do?


Now watch my tutorial to begin creating your splat game. You can watch the tutorial the whole way through or pause when suggested and work alongside the video.




I have added the coding used for the game as a resource to download if you need some extra help.


1. Create a background with a rectangular wall to the left of this

2. Add a balloon sprite and turn this to the side.

3. Programme your character sprite to start in a certain position and when the balloon is not touching it for your character to say something

4. Programme the character sprite to make a noise and say something if the balloon does hit. Make sure this code is inside the forever coding.

5. Programme your balloon sprite to glide towards your character sprite and the wall


Extension: How could you make this game even better? Can you identify the code you would need for this? 

12:30- 1:30


1:30-1: 50

 Effective Communication

KS2 – Appreciation for the key workers


Research a key worker sector that you would like to show your appreciation for, find out what has been their role during lockdown and Covid 19.

Then create a short speech to explain why as a class you should pick this keyworker sector to show appreciation for and ideas of how as a class you can show your appreciation.

You might like to share this with an adult at home or your teacher before the zoom to seek feedback.

If you would like to you can share your speech during our zoom meetings next week.





 Choose your challenge!

Remind yourself of the challenges that you can choose from for this week.



The challenge resources explaining each challenge is available to download as a resource below. Remember these are the challenges for you to choose from for the week. Enjoy!



This is a suggested activity for you to make your own well-being poster. I have given 10 minutes but you can choose how long you would like to do this for.





Story time-

It’s the final chapter of The London Eye Mystery!




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