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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 26th June 2020




Joe Wicks is no longer running on a Friday but you can go back and do one of your favourites from his other workouts. Or alternatively you could have a look at other exercise options e.g. cosmic Yoga, Just Dance, Zumba, Les Mills for kids etc. 

Get yourself moving and exercising as it will set you up for a great day of learning!! 

9:30 – 9:50 

If you are a Lexia person you must complete Lexia during this time instead of guided reading. 

Today your guided reading questions are based on SPaG but using the text for reference. You will be looking at areas such as word classes, synonyms, and cloze activities. 



LO: to describe the translation of a 2D shape on a coordinate grid. 

SC1: I can label the x-axis and y-axis. 

SC2: I know that translation is a movement from one position to another, without turning. 

SC3: I can combine translation with coordinates. 



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Translating 2D Shapes: In geometry, translation means moving without rotating or resizing. Use the lesson presentation to see translating a 2D shape on a co-ordinate grid up or down and left or right showing that every point of the shape must move the same distance in the same direction. In translation the movement along the x-axis is given before the movement along the y-axis. 

2D Shape Translations Match Up: Using the 2D Shape Translation Match Up Game, the children work in small groups to match the written translation of a 2D shape to the correct grid diagram. 

Translating 2D Shapes: Use the information and images on the Lesson Presentation to explain that as well as being able to describe the translation, they may also be asked to give the new positions of the corners of the translated object. Rehearse how to write the position of an object as co-ordinates. 

2D Shape Translations: Choose your challenge. 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the hardest. If you choose a challenge and it is too hard, don’t finish it, swap to an easier one. Similarly, if you choose one that is too easy, swap to a harder one. Think about which star challenge I normally give you at school.  

If you finish this and you want an extension, I have added one but do not spend ages doing this. Only do the extension is you have time. This will really work on your justification and reasoning which is a very important part of your maths curriculum. Year 4 you should definitely give this a go if you have time. 

Translating 2D Shapes Quiz: Using the multiple choice questions shown on the Lesson Presentation, discuss and choose which answer describes the translation of the 2D shape correctly. 


Break time/snack time 

11:00 – 11:45 


LO: to edit and improve a newspaper report 

SC1: I can identify connectives that can be up-levelled to improve the quality of language used 

SC2: I can proof read and make improvements to my final draft  



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Today you are editing and improving your writing. If you have done your work on the computer, you need to work on your formatting. Adjust your headline font and colour, make sure the writing is in columns, import a picture and put a caption with it. Proof read your writing and correct spellings, punctuation and try to up-level your word choices. If you are handwriting your article, then makes sure you plan the layout using your plan from Wednesday. Focus on your presentation. If you are drawing a picture, make sure it is neat and well coloured. When you are done, take a photo and send it to your teacher to share on the website. Think about putting your work inside something to keep it well preserved in the time capsule. 

11:45- 12:15 


Make sure you do at least one sound check and one studio session. Try to get as many right as you can in the fastest time possible. Remember you want to be aiming for less than 6 seconds to answer a question correctly. 

12:15- 1:15 


1:15- 2:00 

Part 1: 

You need to use this time to put everything in your time capsule and bury it. You made to ask for some help from an adult and you need to make sure you have permission before you dig your hole!! Take photos of what you do and send them in for us to celebrate on the website!! 

Part 2: 

Evaluate – what went well and what could be improved? 

LO: to evaluate the time capsule I have made 

SC1: I can consider what I like about my time capsule 

SC2: I can consider what improvements I could make to my time capsule 



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A really important part of our learning journey is looking back at what we have done and thinking about what went well and what could be improved. We need to take what was good and use it in the future and reflect on what we need to develop further to become the best we can be at something. I have attached a copy of my evaluation for you to have a look at. 

Evaluating yourself is usually done best in discussion with someone who knows you and knows what you did. Use these question to guide your writing and your evaluation. 

What did I achieve? 

Did I meet the requirements of the task? 

How well did I do it? 

What were the successes? 

What did other people say was particularly good? Was it the same as what I thought? 

What could I have done better? 

How could I have done it better? 

What do I need to do to help me do it better next time? 

2:00- 2:30 

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time! 


Mrs Hunt (our music leader) has uploaded music videos to our website (curriculum – music). Every Friday afternoon we would like the children to practise the songs.    

Mrs Hunt will be uploading new ones every now and then. If your child would like to record themselves singing, please email clips to Mrs Chloe Hunt at: The clips will then be collated into a video.   

3:00 – 3:15 

Federation Story Time!! 


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