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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 5th March

We Did It! | Alex's Letters - Quaker School at Horsham

Here is your final timetable!:) We are so excited to resume teaching in the classroom on Monday. Well done to everyone for working SO hard during this time. I am proud of you all.


9- 9:30 


Must - Reading  


RWI – watch the relevant speed sounds lesson:  

Set 1:  This week you will be recapping the set 1 special friends   


Set 2: Ar -   

Set 2/3 –  If you have been learning set 2 and have moved onto set 3 please watch this video:  

Tion -   


Set 3 – if you have been learning set 3, we are going to go through the sounds again to help build our fluency:   

Oa -   


Then read the RWI book online 


Go onto ‘ebooks’ then you will need to register (this is free of charge) and then you will be able to access all the ebooks and choose the correct banded level for your child. Please note that the RWI phonics scheme is based on lots of repetition. Therefore, we usually read the same book about 3 or 4 times before moving onto a new book. For some children they may need to read it more than this to ensure they are completely fluent in reading the book (no sounding out). 

A general guide is: 

1st read – decoding all the words – sound out as much as you need to. 

2nd read – read for fluency (try to read with more fluency and expression). 

3rd read – read with fluency, expression and comprehension. Try answering the comprehension questions at the back. 


This website also provides lots of other information for parents about phonics. It has other resources on here too should you wish to explore! 


Guided reading  

Complete the guided reading task at the bottom of the webpage. If the reading is taking you longer than the time allocated, then feel free to share the reading with an adult. 



9:30- 9:45  

Should -Zoom!!  

Join us on zoom using the link from Mrs Lee. 

Please adhere to our Zoom policy. 

Today we will be celebrating our final day of home learning!!:)  

9:45 – 10:45 


Must – English 

Learning objective: 

To understand how to improve a poem  

  1. I can identify the key features in a poem. 

  1. I can use my knowledge of the key features to improve an existing poem. 



Today we will be improving an existing poem using our knowledge of poetry.  

Task 1: 

Watch the tutorial to find out more about improving an existing poem. 




 After watching the video choose the level of challenge you would like to do. Green is the easiest level and is for those who need extra support. Orange is for those who feel confident to complete the questions without the support video. Red is for those who would like to challenge themselves.   


  Task 2: 

 I would like you try and improve the poem Walking Round the Zoo using your knowledge of poetry and the key features.  

Resource: Walking Round the Zoo Poem PDF 


 Green group, you will be doing the same task as orange group but with more scaffolding. Watch the tutorial which will help you pick out the key features in the poem and consider how you could improve these.  




You can then use the word banks to help you.  

Resource: Poetry Word Bank 5.3.21 PDF 


  I would like you try and improve the poem Walking Round the Zoo using your knowledge of poetry and the key features. 

Consider whether the poet has used all of the key features we have mentioned. If they haven't can you include them? If they have, could you improve them? 

Key features: 

  • Alliteration 

  • Repetition  

  • Onomatopoeia 

  • Rhyming couplets 

  • Stanzas 

Look at the structure of the poem and the punctuation, would you make any changes to this?  

  • Commas  

  • Full stops  

  • Exclamation marks  

  • Question marks 


Red - challenge:    

Red group you will start off doing the orange level of challenge, once you have completed this I would like you to justify the changes you have made. Consider the effect the changes have made on the poem and why you think this improves the poem.  

Here are some sentence stems to help: 

I chose to use …... because I thought this …... 

I think the use of ….... improves the poem because it …... 

I changed ….... because ….....  


Task 4: 

think about whether you have met today’s success criteria. You could write at the bottom of your work how you got on and how you think you could make your work even better.   


Task 5:  

Listen to Miss Keenor’s daily poem    

This is only a short video to allow you to hear different poems 



10:45 – 11  


Breaktime – have a healthy snack and a play 

11 – 12 


Should – Home Learning Reflection  


We would like you to spend some time reflecting on all your successes during home learning.   


1st task – Create a mindmap showing all the things that you have learnt (this can be from any subject or even from outside of the timetable e.g. if you know how to make a cake now). Look back in your book for ideas. You could ask someone to scribe your ideas for you or you could draw little pictures to represent your ideas if it helps.  


2nd task – Write down three things that you are most proud of.  



3rd task – Think of 2 targets that you would like to set yourself when you’re back at school.  


We would really appreciate it if you could send us a photo of your work so that we can celebrate all your successes with you and so we know what targets you are going to set yourself when you’re back at school. 


12- 1pm  


Lunchtime and playtime 


Should - Mental Arithmetic 

Year 1- We have been practising counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100. Ask someone to test how far you can count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Can you get to 100?  



Year 2-  We have been practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. How quickly can you complete the times tables test attached to the webpage? You don’t need to print this out, just write the answers in your book. Don't forget to time yourself.   



1:15 – 1:30pm  

Should - Spelling/ handwriting  


These are your spellings this week. Write them down over and over again in your neatest writing. If you find the spellings hard you can try the easier ones. 



You could listen to relaxing music whilst you do this, like we do at school. 

1:30 – 1:45 -  


Could - Effective Communication  

1st  Task – watch this video which teaches you more about questions: 




 2nd task – Now watch Miss Coleman’s video 




3rd task - Using the question starters from the video can you create your own  questions for a family quiz night. You might like to hold a quiz night via zoom with your extended family. 

You might like to create a theme (all about me, films, food, tv etc). 

You might like to  carry out research on the internet to help you find information to help you create your questions. 


1:45 – 2:45  

Could - Outdoor Learning set by our Forest School Teacher 


Go out and have fun in the sunJ 





2:45 – 3  

Could - Wellbeing  

'book breathing' and 'book of wisdom' meditation. 








Could - Storytime  


Class 2 Poetry Reading!! 





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