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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Friday 8th January

Please find a pdf of this tiemtable at the bottom of the page along with the resources.

9- 9:40  




RWI – watch the set 3 speed sounds lesson:  

Set 1 - 

Set 2-  

Set 3 - 

Then read the RWI book online 


Go onto ‘ebooks’ then you will need to register (this is free of charge) and then you will be able to access all the ebooks and choose the correct banded level for your child. Please note that the RWI phonics scheme is based on lots of repetition. Therefore, we usually read the same book about 3 or 4 times before moving onto a new book. For some children they may need to read it more than this to ensure they are completely fluent in reading the book (no sounding out). 

A general guide is: 

1st read – decoding all the words – sound out as much as you need to. 

2nd read – read for fluency (try to read with more fluency and expression). 

3rd read – read with fluency, expression and comprehension. Try answering the comprehension questions at the back. 


This website also provides lots of other information for parents about phonics. It has other resources on here too should you wish to explore! 


Guided reading  

If you are in guided reading, please read chapter 4 of George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and answer the questions in full sentences.  You can share the reading with an adult if you are finding the chapter is too long 



9:40 – 10:40  



Year 2 lesson 

Learning objective and success criteria: 

To understand how to use the number line to subtract  

  1. I can draw an empty number line  

  1. I can label it with the larger number at the end  

  1. I can jump backwards in 1’s or 10’s  

  1. I can label the jumps to find the totals. 


Warm up – In today’s lesson you will need to subtract in tens and ones. Choose any number from the 100 square and practise counting back in 1’s verbally. Then choose another number and practise counting back in tens verbally. Continue this at least 5 times.  



Main part of the lesson-  

Watch the video tutorial for today’s lesson which shows how to use the numberline to subtract any numbers.  

Complete the questions at the bottom of the page. If it helps, you can still draw the tens and ones dienes to help you to remember how much you are subtracting. Please note that I do not expect all 16 questions to be completed. Just do what you can in the time allocated. I would expect at least 4 to be completed.   


If you require an extra challenge, I have also included some mixed missing number problems. See challenge questions.  


At the end of the lesson look back at the success criteria. Write underneath your work which success criteria you met. If you can write down what you think your target/ next step should be based on the success criteria then that would be great! 


Year 1 Lesson   

Lesson objective and success criteria:  

To know how to subtract by counting back using a number line 

  1. I can draw a number line    

  1. I can use the number line to count back 

  1. I can find the answer using a number line 


Watch the video tutorial. This tutorial will recap on how to subtract by counting back using a number line.  


After the tutorial answering the questions at the bottom of the page. Make sure you write your number sentence. You can use your worked example from yesterday to help you.  


If you finish these questions, try the year 1 challenge questions.  


At the end of the lesson look back at the success criteria. Write underneath your work which success criteria you met. If you can write down what you think your target/ next step should be based on the success criteria then that would be great! 


10:40 – 11  


Breaktime – have a healthy snack and a play 

11 – 11:45  



Learning objective and success criteria 

To be able to use different sentence types  

  1. I can write statements explaining what the book is about   

  1. I can write commands to encourage people to read the book  

  1. I can write questions that will encourage people to read the book   

Today will be very similar to yesterday apart from we will be using a different book. We will need to say what the story is about and we will need to consider how we can use some different sentence types to tell people more about the story.  

Begin by listening to the story ‘Look up!’    


In the middle of your page draw a picture of the front page of the book. Don’t do it too large as we will be writing around it.  



Then, follow the same format as yesterday’s lesson. Start by writing a couple of sentences underneath the front cover explaining what the story is about (write statements). Then, around the front cover think of what commands and questions you could use to help encourage people to read this book.  

Once you have planned all of your ideas, out them altogether to create your book synopsis.  


After you have completed your work, look back at the success criteria. Write down which success criteria you think you met. 


11:45 – 12  



Answer the questions on the power point. 


Some questions are just for year 1 and some are just for year 2 so make sure you answer the right questions for the work you have been doing.  


Good Luck! 

12- 1pm  


Lunchtime and playtime 

1- 1:15pm  



Mental maths test  

We haven’t been learning to recall doubles for very long but get someone to ask you to double any number to 10 or 20 (depending on what you have been practising this week). Rather than writing them down, try and answer verbally. How many do you know? Next week we will focus on getting faster at recalling the doubles so this is just to see how you are getting on.  

1:30 – 1:45pm  

Spelling test 

Test yourself on this week's spellings. 


1:45 – 2:45 

Your time! 

Either finish any uncompleted work from this week, do something to help your wellbeing such as mindfulness colouring or go for some extra exercise outdoors. You have all worked so hard this week (parents included!) 

2:45 – 3  


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