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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

George's Marvellous Medicine (2020-2021)

Class 3 have been using George's Marvellous Medicine to inspire their writing. They started their experience with a hook of making slime which was a firm favourite so far this year! We started by thinking carefully about what the task was and what the outcome would be. The children found out they would be writing their own instruction text and then transforming it into a tutorial video about how to make slime. The very best recording is going to be uploaded to the various school platforms and we are going to see if we can make it go viral!

After exploring several different instructional texts, class 3 created a success criteria for their work. They created a step by step guide that they could follow to be able to create an amazing instructional text. They recorded this in their reflective journals focussing on our character trait of care to make it look fabulous.

Once we knew what we needed to include, we started to think about how to take out work from being good, to outstanding! There were certain things that we knew were basic expectations and then some elements that we wanted to aspire to include to create fabulous writing.

Finally, we created our instruction texts. See some of the amazing work the children created below for their final write up after completing drafts to edit and improve their work.

Ask the children about how to do this and maybe you can have a go at making slime at home!! :)

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