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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Lets Celebrate!


Lucinda worked really hard creating a wide variety of similes she can use in her poetry. Excellent work Lucinda!

Daisy's presentation is absolutely fantastic! I love the fact that your similes are with the images ready for you to use later in the week.

Alfie has thought about what he already knows about our Art challenge for this week. I like the fact that he is using different ways of recording his ideas and this time has used a spider diagram.

Sophie has also recorded what she know but using a mind map. Fantastic use of colours. We always remember that at the beginning there might not be alot of knowledge yet but that just means we will have lots to add at the end!

Scarlett has been working hard on sketching and adding tone to her drawing, a really tricky skill. What a beautiful view and first attempt!


Jackson independently wrote a story and submitted it into a competition. This is fantastic independence and self motivated learning! Well Done!

Look at Abbie's fabulous fraction work. SHe has listened carefully to my video and written her fractions neatly and carefully. Great work Abbie!

Mia has created lovely adverbial phrases that she will be able to use in her poetry later in the week. I love the colour coding and use of a computer. Great work!

Ben has worked extremely hard at creating perspective. This is a really tricky skill and I am really pleased with the perseverance he has demonstrated.

Look at this amazing sketch from Dolly! I think this is such an fabulous example of how to create light and dark in a drawing. When we get back to school I think Dolly will be teaching art!! :)


Bobby has been thinking carefully about how to describe this beautiful view. Well done Bobby! 

Look at this amazing fraction work from Connor. I'm really impressed with how well you are tackling this new area of learning!

I'm really pleased that Dolly has been thinking carefully about the choices she is making in her learning. This is brilliant reflection Dolly - a really tricky skill! Keep it up.

I love this practising of different art mediums. I look forward to seeing which one you choose for your final piece. :) 

Well done for thinking so carefully about the description and answering all the questions, I hope you enjoyed the activity!

Jackson must have used fantastic expanded noun phrases for the description challenge as this picture is such a great representation of the original! Well done!

I am always amazed by Daisy's hard work and presentation. What a fantastic role model, especially as our learning ambassador!


By Mia Frith

By Alfie Willmor

By Ben Phillips

By Connor Forward

By Dolly Skeemer

By Kitty Abbiss

By Tabatha Geen

By Thea Coates

By Scarlett Murray

By Sophie Berry

By Jackson Leigh

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