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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Lets Celebrate!

Abbie has been using pictorial representations to support her working out of fractions.

Sophie has created a magnificent mindmap of what kindness means!

Ben found some excellent examples of positive news.

Billy demonstarted excellent presentation when workign out his fractions!

Dolly thought carefully about what kindness means to her.

Tabatha created a beautiful drawing - definitely something to be proud of!

Thea found a brilliant and beautiful way to display the research she has done about positive things in the news!

 Ben did his own random acto of kindness and created a window display!

Nadia has come up with some great ideas for acts of kindness she can perform!

Mia has been readign along with the Ice Monster every day!

Duncan thought carefully about what he has done to be proud of! Well done Duncan!

Macie showed great methodical working out when thinking about her fractions.

 Positive news by Scarlett!

Look at these fantastic letters which are certainly going to bring joy to some lovely people - I know they brought a huge amount of joy to me.

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