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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Monday 1st March 2021




Guided reading (pages 8-11)

LO: to identify and comment on the structure and organisation of texts and the language used by the author

SC1: I can discuss the features of a comic strip and the impact this has on the reader

SC2: I can explain the effect of changes in the layout on the reader

SC3: I can explain the meaning of new or unknown words




1. Why does the author sometimes use pictures but no words to tell the story?

2. Why is a thought bubble rather than a speech bubble used on p.11?

3. What does ‘bits of tree’ and ‘woolly’ tell you about words in the Stone Age?

Challenge: Imagine Ug could time travel to modern times. How do you think he would react if you showed him a real boat? Describe his eyes, face, body language and words.

9:30 – 10.30


LO: to understand what volume and capacity are and how to measure them on a scale

SC1: I can explain the difference between volume and capacity

SC2: I can work out what each interval is worth on a scale

SC3: I can measure accurately in ml

Watch my tutorial to find out what we are doing today.

Task 1:



Complete the activity sheet, working out what each interval and accurately reading the scale.

Green chillies, watch this step by step guide and complete the work along with me. http




Extension (optional): practise your scale reading, justify why clues match various scales and give your own clues to fully demonstrate your understanding.


Measuring Millilitres presentation

Activity sheet – reading scales (green/orange/red chillies)

Extension – measuring capacity

Extension Answers – measuring capacity


Break time/snack time

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time!

Yu need to keep your body active so that your brain can keep active too.

11:00 – 12.00


LO: to generate ideas for inventions

SC1: I know what anachronism means

SC2: I can think of historically appropriate activities Ug might engage in

SC3: I can think of inventions Ug may have thought of to make life better

Watch the tutorial to find out what we are doing today!




Consider some activities that Ug might engage in that could prove challenging within Briggs’ Stone Age world. For further inspiration, you could watch and read Michael Rosen’s poem ‘I Was Born in the Stone Age’



or look at examples of Stone Age anachronism from popular culture, such as The Flintstones cartoon and films which feature an array of inventions which primarily use only stone and animal power. Write a list of as many as you can think of that would have been challenging in the stone age.




What other things might Ug try and invent? What other items being made from stone would be unsuccessful due to the nature of stone? Will he try and make them from stone or will he attempt to convince other people to let him use different materials that we know were available during the Stone Age?

Can you create a mind map of all the different ideas you come up with – you can add humorous pics too if it helps!

Green chillies, watch my step by step guide to get you started on how to think of ideas for each activity and something Ug might invent. I will show you how to set it out too. 



12:00- 1:00


1.00 – 1.15


Exercise time! 

Go onto the ‘The body Coach TV’ YouTube channel and join in with today's PE session (these are live at 9am and can be viewed later in the day) 

  The Body Coach TV - YouTube 

or complete a cosmic kids yoga session on YouTube 

Or try one of CSSP active episodes  

(51) Croydon SSP - YouTube 

1:15- 2.15

Afternoon Challenges! – These are ‘could lessons’. If you can do them – great, if not, do not worry.




You can either choose one of the larger projects and do it over the week or you can do a different challenge every day. Let me know how you get on! The information about how to go about this is attached at the bottom of the webpage.

2.15 – 2.30




In case you missed last weeks video, here it is:




2:30 – 3.00

TT Rockstars – 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before you go onto garage. Don’t forget you can challenge me and I will be challenging you too!

If you are a Lexia pupil, please use this time to complete your Lexia for the day. I will be checking and sending out certificates as you achieve them.

3.00 – 3.15

Story Time

We have 2 stories that class members have written and recorded. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!








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