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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Monday 22nd February


9.00-9.15  Zoom   with Miss Coleman- Show and tell - What have you been doing during the half term break

9.15-9.30  Cosmic Yoga  (could)-

9.30-10.00 – Phonics and Reading (Must)- Please see your child's tapestry journal where you will find what RWI level they are to select the phonics video daily and one to two ebooks via oxford owls for your child a week (see details below) . Ditty sheet attached.

Phonics : Please watch one of the following videos linked to your child’s RWI level

Set 1a/b- W:  

Set1 Special Friends- Sh- 

Set 2 – Ay -  

10.00-10.30- Literacy/experience (Must)-. This week our learning will be centred around teh story the Supermarket zoo. Please see your child’s tapestry journal to find out what Experience group they are to select the Experience video daily.

RESOURCE: Please see the powerpoint attached to support today's Learning.

 Please Watch Mrs Ryan’s video to support today’s experience learning:

Parrot Group: 




Tortoise Group : (could)




Penguin Group: 



Today's chilli challenge (could) -


10.45-11.30 Inspired Play

11.30-12.00 Maths (Must) – This week we will be learning about money.  Please see your child’s tapestry journal to find out what Maths group they are to select the maths video daily.

RESOURCE: Please see Today's Powerpoint to support today's learning and coin sheet.


RESOURCE You might like to listen to the money song before watching Miss Coleman's video.

Please watch Miss Coleman’s Videos to support today’s maths learning.

Triangle : 




Square group (could): 




Circle  group: 



Please see Today's chilli challenge (could)

12.00-1.00 Lunch

1-2:45  Independent Challenge  project (should):

Please see Mrs Mitchell and Miss Fermor’s video for details of this week projects: 



They are also attached to the bottom of the webpage under ‘week 1 challenges’.   

You can choose which challenges you do. You might just want to focus on one for the week or look at a few different ones throughout the week. 

2.45-300 Wellbeing with Mrs Smith (could)




300-3.15- Story time with Mrs Marsh (could)




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