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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Monday 4th January

Happy New Year Class 4!

I didn’t think we would be spending our last three days together via virtual teaching, but even though I won’t get to see you every day I am sure we can make the most of it.

It might be a bit confusing this week, but I will be setting you your work Monday- Friday (so you will get some more of my hilarious YouTube videos) but in terms of emailing me your work, it will be myself on Monday-Wednesday only- after this Miss McCann will take over responsibility as your class teacher. It is not the ideal way I would have said goodbye to you all, but I know how mature and capable you are and will take this extra time home learning in your stride.

I hope you enjoy today’s (limited) timetable, as we will start some new more challenging work tomorrow. Please email me pictures of your work once you have finished and any questions you have to I really look forward to hearing from you.

Your (now very round) teacher,

Mrs Woolliscroft



Extra Information


TimesTables Rockstars

If you need your log in, please email me.

I have also challenged you all and did not get a very good score so I expect you all to beat me! (Raffle tickets for those who do!)



I would like you to write a letter to yourself all about Christmas 2020. I want you to go into a lot of detail about what happened and how you felt. Don’t just focus of the presents and yummy food, but how was this Christmas different and how did you and your family overcome any difficulties to make sure it was still a special time. I would then like you to seal your letter, address it to the future you, and store it away with your Christmas decorations. So next year when hopefully things are a bit normal again you can read your letter back and see how things have changed.


(You have half an hour to do this so take your time over your letter. You do not want to read it back next year and be more concerned about how bad the writing was. Keep it neat and use all those fantastic writing skills we have been working on.)

10- 10.30

Guided reading

Read the poem attached first then follow along with the Oak Academy video link.






Have a go at the questions attached. They are all areas of fractions we have already covered so if you are stuck you can use your own YouTube tutorials to help you.

Simplifying fractions



Converting fractions



Adding and subtracting fractions



Multiplying and dividing fractions









We all know care is a very important part of well-being. And we all know how important it is to show care during this odd time. I want you to make a list of all the different ways you could show care for the next two weeks (that’s 14 different ways).

You can break these down into three different areas; self-care, care for someone else and care for the community. Make sure you do at least one each day to spread some care around. Send me some photos of you achieving something off your list.

I have done my own version to give you some ideas.






Just like each new half term we have a new gateway and two new character traits. This term the gateway is…


And the two new character traits are…

Self-awareness and Resilience

Today I would like you to make a page in the same style as our reflective journals introducing our new gateway and traits. Your page should include:

  • Brief example sentence (taken from my second page- pink bubble)
  • The definitions
  • The etymology (where the word has come from)
  • Synonyms
  • Examples of how you can show the traits inside and outside of school.
  • Answers to the questions. (These answers should change over the term so if you struggle to answer them today do not worry by the end of the term you will be an expert)
  1. How have you taken responsibility for your own well-being?
  2. How have you identified and overcome barriers to you well-being?
  3. How have you worked to form positive relationships?


Lexia/IDL or Story Time

If you usually do Lexia or IDL please use this time to do those first, email me if you need you log ins. Then enjoy chapter 11 of The Boy at the Back of the Class.




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