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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Monday 4th May

Hi Class 4,

Things are a little bit different this week. Before you do any PE this morning, please go ahead and watch our new challenge and read todays work.

Due to our experience involving PE the normal timetable has shifted a bit and PE lessons are going to be longer. Make sure you read the day’s instructions carefully.

We are still completing maths and English lessons this week; however, these have moved to the afternoon to make the most of our time in the morning.

I am in school this week so please bare with me regarding emails. 

Let's have another brilliant week! WooHoo!

Also I have uploaded our fantastic Happy Newspaper to last weeks celebration page, go take a look and share it with your friends, families and local community to help spread some kindness. Here is a taster of your amazing articles. 



Time Lesson
9-9.30 2020 Challenge
9.30-10.30 PE
10.30-11 Break
11-12.15 Science
12-15-1.15 Lunch
1.15-1.45 SPAG
1.45-2 Break
2-3 Maths
3-3.15 Story Time

2020 Challenge

What do you remember about exercise from our daily mile experience. Lets start by creating our gather and organise page. If you want to join in with Jo Wicks live at 9, just pause him! 




L.O. To know how to measure the effectiveness of exercise.

SC1. I can recall what happens to the body when you exercise.

SC2. I understand the difference and correlation between heart rate and pulse.

SC3. I can recall how to check my pulse.

Before you join in with Jo Wicks, we need to do some prep work. Watch the first video and answer the question. What happens to my body when I exercise?



Nearly time to do your exercise, but first we need to remember how to take our pulse. Once you have finished the video please do Jo's workout for the day, obviously you wont be able to join in live unless you paused it at 9. You can always do another one from his channel.



I have attached the evaluation and remember to do your resting heart rate first!


L.O. To label the parts of the human circulatory system

SC1. I can remember the key vocabulary of the circulatory system.

SC2. I can label the parts of the human circulatory system.

We are just recapping the key vocabulary and parts of the human circulatory system today. 

Activity 1) Copy out the passage about the human heart and fill in the missing words. Attached below.

Activity 2) Have a go at labelling the human heart with everything you remember. Do this is in pencil, so you can correct any mistakes afterwards. 

P.S. Only have a go at the extension task if you have time. 



We will be working on homophones for the next couple of SPAG lessons. Today we are focusing on: where, wear, were, we're, your, you're.

This week I have attached a sheet to give a try. Once you have finished there is also a game on wordwall and a spelling test on spellodrome.

5 raffle tickets for the winner, 3 for 2nd place and 1 for 3rd. 



L.O. To multiply decimals by integers.

SC1. I can use counters to multiply decimals with repeated addition

SC2. I can answer word questions multiplying decimals using repeated addition.

SC3. I can exchange in the tenths and hundredths columns. 



Story Time




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