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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Need a Tudor - our historical experience


The Hook

We launched our topic with a Tudor Experience with a 'Tudor Day', where the children dressed as tudor people and were able to handle artefacts from the period.  The children spent time sharing and discussing the artefacts before beginning their preparations for the great Tudor feast.  Working together as a team, they were able to create authentic Tudor bread and pottage.  Once cooked, the whole class were invited to eat these and other staple foods from the period, including fresh and dried fruits, meats and vegetables.

For our outcome, the children focused on the key features of diary writing, including the layout and informal tone, whilst looking at different sources of historical information to understand the similarities and differences in lifestyles of the Tudor rich and poor.  They also took a deep dive into the life of Henry VIII, and in particular the changes he made to England's religion and our relationship with France.

Our final diaries were written from the perspective of King Henry VIII himself, and included some key events from his life.  The children aspired to produce their best work by including both the diary features and all of the historical facts that they had learnt.  A sample of their diary entries has been sent to Leeds Castle for publication on their website!

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