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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Quotes about our online learning curriculum

Since the school closures on March 20th 2020, we have been providing online home learning for all of our pupils. We have had some amazing feedback from parents and wanted to share this with you! 

“A huge thanks to you again for the amazing support you are showing us all. I think you and the teachers are doing an incredible job of giving us parents structure and help. You must be exhausted. We’d be lost without you all! [Our child] is loving keeping a total of the ‘virtual’ raffle tickets you are giving him and he’s so pleased you are happy with his work. He was super chuffed to see some of his work was on the celebration page on the school website so thank you so much for doing that. With very best wishes to you and all the hard working staff”


“‘Home school’ has worked really well for us. [our child] has enjoyed taking responsibility and has been very independent and conscientious.”


After receiving a rainbow award for excellent learning- Oh that’s so lovely!!! Thank you so so much. I have just shown this to him and he is so so happy. I hope you are keeping well in these challenging times. I think you and the other teachers are doing a really marvellous job at keeping us parents and children on track- I have been amazed by how much work his teacher is doing for us (as I’m sure all the other teachers are) and it’s so lovely to get her emails each day. He really loves to hear from [his teacher] and definitely helps keep him motivated. “


"Thank you for all the work you are doing, and all the support you are giving the children.  I think the school and the teachers are doing an amazing job in such difficult times." 


"I cannot thank you and the rest of your team for everything you are doing. The daily lesson plans with all the additional YouTube videos and written explanations are a great help and having a story read to them by their teacher is such a lovely touch making them feel close to them still."


“I think you’ve done a great job in setting work, providing some brilliant videos and examples (she loves seeing your artwork) and feeding back on what they’ve done. The celebration page is motivating for [my child]. You must be busier than ever preparing it all, so thanks for all your hard work.​”


“Thanks for all your help and support so far. It's a very difficult time and you are doing a great job. I am going to nominate every teacher I know for an OBE after this....🙂​”


"Thanks again for all your planning for the day and video. [Our child] loved to see a message from you and opted to look at his timetable and that message as soon as he woke up as he was excited for the days’ work!”


“Thank you for the thought and care you put into preparing today's materials. We love the story cards!”


“Thanks for your wonderful support - it's first class. You are doing a great job.”


I just wanted to pass on my thanks to everyone for all the hard work they have put into the timetables for the kids”



Please click the links below to access each class's home learning page.

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Class Four

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