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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Resources to support home learning

On the left you will find tabs which hold resources that you may find helpful for supporting your children with the home learning. These are split into:

English - resources to use for a range of needs/abilities within English including word banks and writing scaffolds

Maths - virtual manipulatives, printable resources and links to websites that help explain the learning

Organisation and engagement - task management boards, visual timetables and reward systems that mirror those used in school to motivate and engage children in their learning

Sensory Circuits - links to videos for sensory circuits at home and some provided by Federation teachers for calming and alerting

Wellbeing - ideas to help and support wellbeing during the time of home learning

I have also included 2 videos on this page that explain how to get the computer or iPad to read the webpages/documents to the children (this does not work on PDF) and how children can use a dictation tool to reduce the writing load.

We hope you find these resources useful.







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