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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Start from Scratch

As part of our newest experience, the children of Class 3 created their very own computer games using the Scratch Jn app.  We launched our learning with a gaming session where the children were able to try a variety of pre-made games to establish what they themselves enjoyed.  Using this knowledge, they then began to learn the codes needed to create their own games that included the elements that they enjoyed.

Their final outcome was to create a game suitable for the children of Year 2.  Each game required characters, which the players could move during game play.  They also needed a home menu and choice of game to keep the year 2 players interested.

When the final day came, the year 2 students were delighted to play our games.  They all gave positive comments and some also had ideas on how to improve the games too.  The game makers of class 3 were thrilled with the commendations and quick to work out how to apply the suggested improvements to their original code!

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