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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Sticky Art

Collaborative art by 

Magical Tunnel , Henry , 2021

“I made a magical tunnel using hard sticks and soft leaves. If you step into the tunnel you will go to dinosaur world. Dinosaur world is big as a elephant.”


The  Pattern , Noah , 2021

“I made the pattern using smelly flowers and holey leaves. It was a repeating pattern on the rough ground. The ground is rough as a brick.”


The  Tunnel hill land , Sofia , 2021

“I made a tunnel hill land using silky leaves and pretty flowers. I made a cosy den for the animals. The den is as cosy as a house.”


The  Bug Hotel , Isla P  , 2021

“I made the bug hotel using filthy leaves and tall sticks. I used the petals for the cushions and blankets. The petals are comfy as cushions.”

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