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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

The Green Ship (2020-2021)


We have been using the text 'The Green Ship' to develop our thinking about how we can vary our sentence openers to create greater interest for our readers.

Firstly we had to learn what fronted adverbials were!

Once we were confident about what they were and we could identify them in other writing, we had a go at adding them into the original story or 'The Green Ship'.

So that we really understood what we needed to do in our writing to achieve our outcome successfully, we created a success criteria.

Finally we are re-writing the whole story. Quentin Blake is best known for his illustrations but Class Three will be remembered for their amazing fiction writing and the interesting language they used to describe the action that was about to happen in the story.

Watch this space for our audio book which will be uploaded after half term!

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