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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Thursday 11th February


9 - 9.15- Zoom with Miss Coleman- Please bring a picture of a treasure chest and rubbish bin to today zoom.

9:15-9.45 Jumpstart Johnny-Pick your favourite one 

9:45 – 10.15 – Phonics/Reading Phonics- Recap Fred Talk- Please see Mrs Ryan's video to support today's recap lesson: 



Please see your child's tapestry journal where you will find what RWI level they are to select the phonics video daily and one to two ebooks via oxford owls for your child a week (see details below) .

Set1 a/b: W:  Red/green/ditty: Nk:  Purple: Ar - 

10.15– 10.30 Break time- Have a brain break and maybe a healthy snack.

10.30- 11.00 Maths- Today the children will continue to learn about ordinal numbers.

RESOURCE: Please watch this video to support today's maths learning - The Great Race 

Please watch Mrs Marsh's maths video  and see today's activity sheet to support today's learning.




11.00-11.45-Inspired play- This is time for the children to choose their own independent learning. They might like to choose a activity from either the Chinese new year themed activity sheet or the phonics themed activity sheet.

11:45 - 1:00 Lunch time-

1:00 – 1.45 Experience: Today the children will be picking a method of to present their research and beginning to create their presentation of work.Watch Miss Coleman’s video and see attached activity sheets with top tips  to support today’s learning  (RESOURCE).



RESOURCEs: You might like to use the following resources to support today's experience learning. Example of a video-  Example of a Dance tutorial-  Example of a song-  Today's storytime video.

1.45 - 2.30 Inspired Play- This is time for the children to choose their own independent learning. They might like to choose an activity from the suggested list attached.

2.30-2.45 Wellbeing - Huge bag of worries -

  3.00-3.15 - Storytime with Miss Coleman 




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